Drafting Your Dream Team: Creative, Accelerated Recruiting

Your HVAC business need employees, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts demand for qualified, well-educated HVAC technicians will grow 21% through 2022. Think of it: in the next seven years, this country will need one more HVAC technician for every five technicians already working, nearly doubling the growth rate of other jobs.

As part of a live broadcast during the NCAA March Madness, recruiting and sales expert and founder of HVAC Sellutions Drew Cameron spoke to a bunch of contractors, in a fun, creative way, about industry challenges with labor shortages and opportunities for recruiting.

Drew Cameron shares five proven, uncanny tips for HVAC businesses to recruit and retain employees:

  1. Stop Looking for Unicorns
  2. Get Your House in Order
  3. Re-Recruit Raving Fans
  4. What Box?
  5. Take a Leadership Position

Watch the free, full presentation now for details on Drew’s five tips. This presentation was part of a live broadcast to a live audience on Tuesday, March 13, 2018. It has been published for on-demand viewing.

Meet the Presenter

Drew Cameron

Drew Cameron
Founder and President
HVAC Sellutions

A life and career filled with a vast amount of education on a myriad of personal and professional topics in order to strive for my potential and frame my understanding of the meaning of life and living life to the fullest while leveraging what life has to offer for it’s maximum benefit for myself, my family, my friends, and my clients. Specialties: Personal and professional development of individuals and teams to breakthrough barriers to success and eliminate self-limiting beliefs in order to achieve desired goals, objectives, life-balance, and improved communications and relationships while living life to the fullest, being alive and realizing true happiness and your life’s potential fulfilled.

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