Eliminating Uneven Temperatures

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Duct Sealing Eliminates Uneven Temperatures, Making Home Office Comfortable Year-Round
Contractor’s Solution Has Immediate Impact On Home Humidity Issues, Energy Savings

During a summer notable for stay-at-home orders and working from home, comfort has become even more critical to homeowners like Bill D. His 7,850 sq ft. ranch home in Bellbrook, Ohio was uncomfortable with humidity and uneven temperatures.

In fact, just to use his home office, Bill had to adapt. The blinds for each of the room’s floor-to-ceiling windows had to be closed while a fan ran constantly to make it comfortable. After reaching out to William’s Comfort Air (WCA) to solve the problem, a few issues with the home’s HVAC system were identified.

One of the home’s dual AC units was leaking refrigerant and the home’s leaky ductwork was undersized. As a result, his HVAC was working harder than normal, trying to eliminate the uneven, uncomfortable temperatures throughout the home and increasing his utility bills.

The WCA team replaced the HVAC unit and installed properly sized ductwork before sealing them using Aeroseal duct sealing technology.

Project Overview
Building Ranch home
Location Bellbrook, Ohio
Aeroseal Contractors Williams Comfort Air
Goal Eliminate uneven temperatures and relative humidity issues in the home.
Before Aeroseal 917.9 CFM of leakage
After Aeroseal 11.5 CFM of leakage
Results Increased comfort and air quality in home year-round while reducing monthly utilities by at least 10%.

With COVID-19 requiring families to spend more time at home, homeowners are adapting their living space to handle work and school. And proper airflow and ventilation have become as critical as regular handwashing and social distancing. It’s important to evaluate your home’s HVAC system to make sure comfort and clean, healthy air are a reliable constant.

Jeff Howard
Williams Comfort Air

Being able to work in my office with the blinds open, without a fan, has had a dramatic impact. The room is brighter, and offers a scenic view. Having to work from home for an extended period of time is no longer an issue.
Bill D.


WCA sealed the supply and return ductwork, reducing an average of 97.3 percent. The duct sealing process took less than a day and in addition to increasing the comfort in Bill’s home, it has cleaner air with lower utility bills. With a new AC unit, as well as properly-sized and sealed ductwork, Bill noticed an immediate impact.

Humidity: The ideal relative humidity for a home is 30 to 50 percent. WCA made it simple for Bill’s HVAC system to achieve this goal without having to work harder, increasing utility bills and having unnecessary wear on the HVAC system.

Even Temperatures, Energy Savings: Bill’s home is now comfortable, with even temperatures. And he’s setting his thermostat two degrees higher than in previous months. Studies show this will save him up to 10 percent each month on his utility costs.

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