Preventing Heat Pump Cold Blow & Discomfort

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Duct Sealing Key To Preventing Cold Blow & Discomfort With Heat Pumps
How Aeroseal’s Air Sealing of Ductwork Prevents One of the Most Common Heat Pump Complaints...Cold Blowing Air & Discomfort

Maintaining a constant temperature in the home during the colder months has been an ongoing struggle for this Xenia, Ohio family since moving into the home in 2018. So much a struggle that they installed a wood-burning stove to supplement their 2-heat pump system during the coldest months of the year.

When the thermostat would be set at 70°F (21°C), register air temperatures would range anywhere from 85°F to as low as 67°F at the far ends of the house, meaning the heat pumps were actually cooling certain rooms of the home.

This problem could be caused by a variety of things, but mainly due to leaky ducts. The conditioned air moving through the ductwork is lost through poor connections and by the time it reaches the register, the conditioned air is lost.

Project Overview
Building Two-story Tudor-style home with 2 heat pumps
Location Xenia, Ohio
Aeroseal Contractors Aeroseal Training Staff
Goal Normalize temperature throughout house and increase register air temperature
Before Aeroseal Avg Register Temps: 79ºF; 245 CFM or 20% of system capacity
After Aeroseal Avg Register Temps: 84ºF; 27 CFM or 2% of system capacity; an 88% decrease
Results In less than day and without demolition, Aeroseal was able to seal both duct systems and increase overall home comfort levels.

Knowing that heat pumps don’t really provide warm heat, when we bought the house we were concerned about how high our energy bills could be in the winter due to having two electric heat pump systems. Not only that, the furthest rooms from the furnace – which happen to be the family room and living room where we spend a majority of our time together as a family – were always cold because of the small amount of airflow coming out of the registers. After Aeroseal, not only can you feel a difference in the amount of air coming out of the registers, but those cold rooms are now more comfortable, not to mention the furnace is kicking off a lot sooner than it was before having Aeroseal work done, which we’ll hopefully see the monetary impact of that on our future energy bills.


After sealing, the system leakage and register air temperatures were measured again. System leakage was cut by over 88%, from an average of 245CFM to 27CFM. More impressively, the average air temperature from the registers increased by 5°, completely resolving the cold air coming from the farthest registers.

This non-destructive process was able to eliminate the cold air coming from the registers and reduced leakage to only 2% without having to redo the ductwork or changing out the heat pumps.

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