Solving A Nagging Health Problem

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Duct Sealing Helps Homeowner Solve Nagging Sinus Issue
Home’s Negative Pressure Caused Health Issue

Dayton, Ohio Homeowner Tammy Lua has lived in her home for 18 years with her husband Mark. During that time, she has suffered from severe sinus pressure. She knew her home was making the problem worse.

Multiple Attempts to Solve Problem

She oversaw multiple renovation projects that she helped would remedy the situation – insulating the attic, replacing the roof, and insulating the home’s soffit vents. But her sinus issue persisted. And her home was uncomfortable, with uneven temperatures throughout.

Lua suspected her home’s HVAC system was part of the issue. She knew it wasn’t cooling the home evenly and it was making her home dustier than normal, which was in turn contributing to her sinus issues.

Project Overview
Building One-Story, Ranch Home
Location Dayton, Ohio
Aeroseal Contractors Williams Comfort Air
Goal Eliminate home’s negative pressure, alleviating homeowner’s severe sinus pressure.
Before Aeroseal 918.9 CFM
After Aeroseal 82.9 CFM
Results Sealing the home’s supply and return ductwork eliminated 91% of leakage to eliminate the home’s negative pressure.

It was a relief to finally eliminate my sinus issues, now our heating and cooling is even throughout the home and our air is cleaner. I’m glad I learned about Aeroseal duct sealing.

Tammy Lua
Dayton, Ohio Homeowner

The previous owner compensated for uneven temperatures by turning the temperature down very low in the summer. This eliminated hot zones throughout the home, but they had to sleep with an electric blanket due to the extreme cold in their bedroom.

After extensive online research, Lua realized the problem was leaky ductwork. This led her to the solution: Aeroseal duct sealing. She turned to Williams Comfort Air for help in solving this ongoing issue.

A Complete HVAC System Solution

A quick inspection told Jeff Howard of William’s Comfort Air that Lua’s home contained negative pressure, drawing in unwanted outdoor air into the home. This air was bringing dust, allergens and other contaminants into the home and it was all being recirculated by the HVAC system.

But before he could seal the Lua’s leaky ducts, their home needed a larger ductwork system to achieve proper airflow throughout the home. And once Williams Comfort Air installed the ductwork, tests showed duct leakage of 918.9 CFM. This equates to the home losing 551.4 refrigerators full of air — every hour!


The entire duct sealing process took less than a day and reduced leakage by 91 percent.

Aeroseal is critical to getting all of the leaks sealed – especially the ones you can’t see or access without cutting open walls,” said Howard. “With manual duct sealing, it would take longer, require walls to be repaired and we wouldn’t be guaranteed all the leaks were sealed. Aeroseal is the best, most effective option.

Tammy Lua noticed a change immediately. She’s had fewer sinus pressure issues and the home’s comfort level has increased, eliminating its uneven temperatures.

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