Greater Comfort. Healthier Home. Reduced Energy Bills.

Connecticut residents are leveraging their state benefits to cash in on a $1,000 rebate that brings more than just a fast ROI.


of all homes
have leaky ducts


of your heated &
cooled air leaks out


of every $1 you spend
on energy is wasted

$25 Billion

is wasted every year
in the USA

Aeroseal is a convenient, non-invasive solution to solving comfort and IAQ concerns in your home.

Seal All Ductwork Without Demolition

Aeroseal duct sealing is a process that seals ductwork from the inside; most of the duct leakage in a home is difficult to access because it is hidden behind finished walls and between floors, but Aeroseal’s patented technology effectively locates and seals leaks without the need for tearing down walls or turning your home into a construction site.

Verified Results You Can See

Unlike traditional duct sealing methods, Aeroseal systems are integrated with industry-standard test instruments to calculate leakage measurements. The entire sealing process is computer-controlled; it starts with a pre-seal measurement then minute-by-minute progress is monitored and recorded and at the completion of the job, a final, post-seal measurement is collected. Every Aeroseal job includes a certificate of completion which documents each home’s precise results.

Improve Comfort and Indoor Air Quality

Uneven temperatures and imbalanced airflow are directly related to leakage on the supply side of your duct system; the supply duct distributes cooled or heated air throughout your home. Supply duct leaks prevent some of the conditioned air from reaching all the rooms of your home; most homes experience between 25-40% leakage.

Poor indoor air quality is directly related to leakage on the return side of your duct system; the return duct pulls in air so it can be returned to the HVAC equipment for reconditioning. Return duct leaks allow allergens, pollutants, contaminants, and unconditioned air to be pulled into the duct system and then redistributed throughout the home.

Cut Your Energy Bills

On average, heating and cooling costs make up nearly 50% of your total utility expenses. Duct leakage negatively affects your home’s HVAC system in several ways: 1) it will not operate as efficiently as it was designed to operate, 2) it creates unnecessary wear and tear on the system that can shorten its lifecycle, and 3) it can be difficult to meet the demand of the thermostat. The results of duct leakage can lead to wasted energy, wasted air and high utility bills.

After Aeroseal

Take Back Your Home’s
Indoor Environment

Our innovative service makes it easy.

Aeroseal automatically finds and seals all the leaks throughout your entire duct system with precision. Giving you a home with even temperatures in every room, healthier air, and energy savings.

Not only do you feel the difference immediately, you’ll see the verified before and after results in a printed certificate.

After aeroseal

All sealed in a few, short hours. You’ll feel the difference immediately (and see the savings on your energy bill!)

Aeroseal’s Carbon Reduction Impact in Connecticut


# of Trees Planted



# of Cars Taken Off The Road


Frequently Asked Questions

Not quite. While the air may technically be inside of the “home” if you define that as the exterior of the home, duct work is typically tucked behind drywall or other finished surfaces and not left exposed. Those walls hiding your ductwork are the same walls designed to keep exterior air and contaminants from entering the home, meaning your air is trapped/lost to areas of your home that you will never experience but will be paying for. Depending on location and what else is in the same cavity, this can become problematic and lead to water stains, mildew or even mold growth as the duct leakage pushes out cold or hot air and condenses as it meets unconditioned air to reach dew point.

Ductwork is not intended to leak and waste energy. The duct system is designed to be sealed as tight as possible so it can deliver all of the conditioned air you’re paying for to reach every room in your home. When duct leakage is present, conditioned air is lost as it travels throughout the duct system. As a result, the rooms furthest away from your air handler will get the least amount of conditioned air. This in turn creates uneven temperatures throughout your home and a higher electric bill. It’s like a water sprinkler in your yard – picture the faucet is your air handler, the hose as your ductwork system and the sprinkler is a supply register (where the air comes out). If there are no leaks and the hose is securely tightened at both ends, the sprinkler waters the entire yard as designed. But, if that same hose were to have holes and leaks in it, the sprinkler will have a noticeably reduced flow and no longer be able to reach the entire yard without fixing the leakage.

Exact energy savings are difficult to predict as they depend on a multitude of factors and personal behaviors, such as: location and climate, initial duct leakage, type of HVAC equipment (furnace, A/C, heat pump, geothermal, etc.), size of home, and local energy costs per BTU or kWh.

When looking at the overall savings and impact on your wallet, consider that repairing duct leakage will reduce wear and tear on your costly HVAC equipment. This increases your HVAC equipment life expectancy to offset the cost of more frequent repairs or complete replacement. Additionally, HVAC systems tend to be oversized to compensate for duct leakage. If you are in the market for a new HVAC system, having your duct leakage addressed beforehand allows many homeowners to purchase a lower cost and correctly sized HVAC system that will perform more efficiently. This means a home that currently has a 4 ton system with duct leakage might only require a 3 or 3.5 ton system after the duct leakage has been resolved.

Not a problem for Aeroseal. We seal from inside the ductwork using positive pressure to transport the sealant to any and all leakage points, regardless of their location. With traditional hand sealing methods you would need to tear our finished surfaces to gain access to this duct work which comes at a greater cost and your home can quickly become an inconvenient construction site.

Without a doubt. Our formula is a water-soluble organic compound. We’ve helped hospitals, surgery centers, schools and public buildings make sure their air is clean, healthy and comfortable – and saved them energy and money in the process. You certainly can stay in your house while the technician is working (although we prefer that no one be in the home so our technicians can work quickly and efficiently), but as a precaution, we do recommend pregnant women, elderly people, and those with any breathing difficulties not be present while we are sealing your ducts and vents.

Your duct system provides a convenient transportation vehicle for dust to plague your home. Contaminants will enter your home through duct leakage when unsealed ducts run through areas of your home such as the attic, crawl space, or between walls where natural dust, insulation or contaminants are likely to be present. While the supply side may not be as much of a risk, comparably, the return side will actively be pulling in any air from its surrounding environment and pushing it back to the supply side where it circulates back into your home. This can cost you in more frequent filter changeouts, the need to clean your coils and fan to preserve performance, and more time dusting around your home. Sealing the duct work will greatly reduce, or completely remove, the infiltrations points by which dust and other contaminants are able to enter your home.