Case Studies

An in-depth look at the versatility of AeroBarrier air sealing.

Case Studies

An in-depth look at the versatility of AeroBarrier air sealing.

The proof is in the results

Our innovative technology has earned many awards and been recognized by many large builders and environmental agencies for its drastic improvement to homes. The science speaks for itself and the results are unprecedented. Don’t believe us? Just read what others are saying about their real-world results.

Case Study

Near Net Zero

Building: Residential Home

Location: Arizona

Contractor: Mandalay Homes

Goal: Scale carbon neutral (or zero energy) homes and offer them as a standard feature

Before ACH: >1.4

After ACH: 0.6

Results: Can now achieve net zero with only 8 solar panels on a typical 2,000 sq ft home compared to 60 solar panels required on a code built home; cost savings of $50k.

Case Study

High Performance Homes

Building: Residential Home

Location: Seattle, WA

Contractor: Dwell Development

Goal: Find a product that can be used in both new and existing homes to help achieve an ongoing commitment to building the most high performance homes.

ACH with AeroBarrier: 0.22 ACH50

Results: Achieved a 45 HERS index pre-solar (30% better than code). Reaching .22 ACH is now easy and affordable.

Case Study

Multi-Family Passive House

Building: 6-Story Apartment

Location: New York

Architect: Chris Benedict

Goal: Meet Passive House levels after an initial failed test, and after plumbing, electrical, and sheetrock installation had been installed rendering manual sealing impractical.

Results: Using AeroBarrier, 34 units were sealed to passive house levels of 0.6ACH50 in just 8 days.

Case Study

Path to Net Zero

Building: Residential Homes

Location: Washington

Architect: New Tradition Homes

Goal: Find a new construction strategy that can be standard on each build while remaining market competitive (affordable).

Results: Decreased ACH from 2.6 to 0.6 within 90 minutes. This reduction in energy demand means very little solar is required to reach zero energy.

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