Versatile Applications

Whether your project is new construction or a gut renovation, AeroBarrier has the answer to your air sealing needs.

Versatile Applications

Whether your project is new construction or a gut renovation, AeroBarrier has the answer to your air sealing needs.

Single Family Homes

Deliver affordable airtightness

For residential applications, reduced building envelope leakage means increased durability, reduced mechanical loads, improved energy efficiency and more economical renewable energy options. More importantly, a tighter building envelope can help increase the comfort and overall indoor air quality (IAQ) within the home, leading to a better living environment.

In new construction or gut renovation applications, the AeroBarrier Connect air sealing system will accurately seal at any stage from rough-in to move-in. Depending on the climate zone and environment, a builder or homeowner may prefer to have their air barrier post drywall as opposed to pre-drywall, or vice versa.

AeroBarrier’s innovative technology does not discriminate when it comes to air leakage, finding leaks that are hidden behind surfaces or in areas that are unobservable and impossible to reach by hand, offering more flexibility in air sealing than ever before. With average air sealing completion times of 60-90 minutes and a re-entry time of 30 minutes, your additional trades can quickly pick up operations, allowing you to stay on schedule.


Experience dramatic savings

See immediate savings of up to one-third on heating and cooling


Enjoy a more comfortable home

More consistent room-to-room comfort with fewer drafts


Improve indoor air quality

Help seal out pollutants and allergens to create a healthier indoor environment


Prevent moisture intrusion

Reduce conditions that can lead to mold growth within the wall system


Diminish outside noise

Up to 40% reduction in outside noise from traffic and neighbors


Defend against insects and pests

Seal gaps and holes to create the first line of defense against critters and pests

Multi Family Homes

Compartmentalization made easy.

One of multi-family construction’s most important practices is also one of its largest obstacles: unit compartmentalization, especially at party walls. This is critical to properly control fire, smoke, odor, sound, and IAQ.

A properly compartmentalized building ensures ventilation systems can work effectively, especially if the building uses a shared ventilation system. If a multi-family building is not properly air sealed, air is more likely to be pulled from adjacent living spaces instead of fresh outdoor air sources. Reducing the amount of air leakage in multi-family buildings also lowers the amount of moisture traveling in the air, decreasing the likelihood of mold and water damage.

The AeroBarrier Connect air sealing system is the perfect solution for compartmentalization and multi-family applications. As one dwelling is being sealed, your crew can quickly set up in an additional dwelling. Or you can use the AeroBarrier Boost add on, which enables you to seal two multifamily units at one time. This allows your business to air seal multiple dwellings in a single day with measurable and guaranteed results. AeroBarrier also allows your buildings to reach more demanding air tightness requirement levels at a more affordable cost, which provides you with tax incentives in addition to higher tenant demand and rents.

Seal more multifamily units faster with AeroBarrier Boost

Commercial Buildings

Fastest path to energy savings.

AeroBarrier Connect reduces up to 80% of the building leakage, saving energy, improving indoor air quality and building resiliency, and bringing commercial buildings within the US Army Corps of Engineers specification for building envelope leakage. Using AeroBarrier in new or retrofit commercial applications improves the air sealing effectiveness, reduces labor costs, shortens the time needed for air sealing, and improves the consistency of installation.

AeroBarrier’s system lets you place up to 8 sealing stations and can easily cover up to 10,000 sq ft. No more manual air sealing commercial projects and being unsure whether they will meet your air tightness goal. Simply prep the space by covering such areas as any designed openings in the ventilation system, cover any finished horizontal surfaces depending on which phase of construction you are in and divide off large areas for proper pressurization of the space. Then set up the sealing stations around the space, place the blower door to pressurize the space and sit back as AeroBarrier removes the air leakage more effectively, faster, and ensures that you’ll meet your air tightness goal.

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