Big Man on Campus at Ohio State, Princeton, Syracuse

Ohio State, Princeton, Syracuse Have a New B.M.O.C.

Let’s think back to the “good ol’ school days.” Who was the “Big Man on Campus” (B.M.O.C.) at your school? In HVAC terms, Aeroseal has claimed the prestigious title at many top-notch schools.

The Ohio State University

  • Property Owners: The Ohio State University
  • Project Contractors: Smoot Construction
  • Property Name: William Hall Complex Expansion
  • Type: 6-story dormitory. 80+ living suites
  • Goal: Eliminate leaks in 19 ventilation shafts; pass fire code specifications; receive LEED Silver certification
  • Results: All shafts sealed in less than two weeks

Princeton University

  • Building: Princeton University, Jadwin Hall
  • Contract Engineers: Irwin Leighton, Inc.
  • TAB Company: RCC Engineering
  • Aeroseal Company: Aeroseal of Philadelphia
  • Goal: Reduce leakage in two exhaust shafts
  • Before Aeroseal: 533 CFM of leakage
  • After Aeroseal: 8 CFM of leakage
  • Results: A 98% reduction of leakage

Syracuse University

  • Building: Syracuse University Campus West
  • General Contractor: Hayner Hoyt Corp.
  • HVAC Installation: Century Heating & AC
  • Goal: Score $170,000 rebate under NYSERDA; requiring air duct leakage of 10 CFM or less
  • Before Aeroseal: Average 120 CFM of leakage
  • After Aeroseal: 10 CFM of leakage or less
  • Results: Even after meticulous construction, the use of Aeroseal was the only solution to meeting new stringent duct leakage requirements.

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