About Aeroseal Commercial Duct Sealing

Better than hand sealing (e.g. mastic, tape), Aeroseal is a breakthrough computerized duct sealing technology that seals leaks from inside the duct system using a patented, non-toxic aerosol sealant. It is used around the world to increase energy efficiency, improve comfort, and enhance indoor air quality. The following video takes you inside a typical commercial duct sealing project, highlighting the steps involved in using this safe and easy-to-administer process.

About CEE: The Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) is a 501(c)(3)-designated nonprofit organization that has operated in Minnesota since the 1980s. The mission of CEE is to promote energy efficiency that strengthens the economy while improving the environment. CEE uses a variety to channels, including research, to discover and deploy the most effective solutions for a healthy, low-carbon economy. Results from its recent four-year study, “Duct Leakage and Retrofit Duct Sealing in Minnesota Commercial and Institutional Buildings,” was used as the basis for this infographic.

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