General FAQs

Yes, many hospitals, hotels, high-rise apartment buildings, commercial office buildings, military base resident complexes, and university dormitory buildings have used Aeroseal to improve IAQ and help eliminate odor issues and stop the spread of germs.

Aeroseal is a simple process that easily fits into your current project workflow. Click here to view a video of the process.

No. Our formula doesn’t coat or line your ducts. The only sealant remaining after the Aeroseal technician is done will be over the leak that was sealed.

Guaranteed for three (3) years in commercial applications (ten years in residential). Based on testing, the sealant has an expected life of at least forty (40) years.

The sealant is non-toxic and has been used in hospitals, schools, surgery centers, and government facilities all over the world for the past twenty years. It has been tested by an independant lab and found to have extremely low concentration of VOC’s, during sealing time only. The primary component has no OSHA maximum exposure limit.

The primary component is Vinyl Acetate Polymer, which is used in water based paints, hair spray, and chewing gum.

Drying time is less than two (2) hours.

There is a mild odor during sealing (similar to Elmer’s Glue) which will dissipate by the next day (if not before)

Up to a 5/8″ hole can be sealed during the normal range of sealing productivity.

Broken and disconnected ducts and large leaks need to be fixed prior to sealing. As a turn-key solutions provider, Aeroseal dealers could potentially provide our services in solving these problems for your project needs.

Sealant escaping from the ducts will settle in wall cavities or crawl spaces. During the process, we will filter the air to capture any sealant entering the living areas.

We recommend sensitive electronics be covered.

Technicians are trained to protect all accessories prior to sealing. Some items, such as humidifiers or UV lights, may be removed then reinstalled to prevent damage; others may be bagged and covered.

Extremely dirty ducts should be cleaned. We recommend the technician assess the condition of the ducts prior to sealing.

Ducts of all material types can be successfully cleaned after sealing.

The Aeroseal process does not coat or line the ductwork. The only sealant remaining in the ducts will be at the previous leak.

ECM Application FAQs

Yes! According to Berkeley National Labs, duct leakage totals almost $3 Billion annually in energy loss / costs for buildings in the US alone.

ASHRAE estimates that 75% of buildings have 10% – 25% air duct leakage.

Energy Star ranks air distribution as the #1 energy savings opportunity in existing buildings. Utilizing Aeroseal duct sealing technology can reduce duct leakage.

Our average payback is 3 to 5 years.

Yes! Aeroseal duct sealing can help your project meet duct tightness requirements, improve IAQ and building comfort, and avoid the costs of replacing ducts.

Yes. Our proven duct sealing process is verifiable and guaranteed.

Yes – Aeroseal utilizes our direct crews for ECM projects, working with numerous ESCO’s and building owners globally.

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