AHR Expo show Aeroseal Day 1

AHR Expo in Atlanta – Visit Aeroseal at Booth B867

Only one day remains to make the rounds in Atlanta at the 2019 AHR Expo. Be sure to stop by the Aeroseal Booth #B867 in the IAQA Pavilion to see a live demonstration of our revolutionary duct sealing technology for both homes and buildings!
Rick Papetti and Jarrod Scott have had a great two days at the show meeting and talking with contractors, energy professionals and project managers from around the world about the benefits of duct sealing with Aeroseal.
Here’s […]


Let’s Celebrate – January 10th Is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day!

Today’s the day…January 10th is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day. First established in Canada by the CEEA, (Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance) there isn’t a place in the world where the concerns raised by this day aren’t relevant. So if you are among the many who have resolved to spend less and save more in 2019, cutting back on a few regular expenses is a great place to start. Below is a list of 5 savings tips to help you […]

Seal Your Home

The Overlooked Home Maintenance Tip for Winter

Recently, the Tysons Reporter published its Homeowners Winter Survival Guide, and it mentioned a lot of helpful information for effectively and efficiently heating homes in winter. However, it overlooked the importance of air ducts in houses. Read the Tysons article here.
When homeowners think of their homes’ heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, they typically reference thermostats, air filters, and vents/registers. However, the air ducts are what actually distributes conditioned air (heat or AC) to the desired rooms/spaces in […]

Improve Air Flow Balancing with Duct Sealing

Improve Air Flow Balancing with Duct Sealing

Recently, ACHR News published an article about the importance of air flow balancing for in homes and buildings. However, air flow balancing alone is not the best solution.
If the ductwork is not properly sealed, then there will be air leaks (small holes, cracks, seams) in the ductwork that will cause conditioned air to leak out of the ductwork and not reach the desired room/space in a home or building. This duct leakage can cause the poor airflow you might […]

HVAC Unit in Snow, 560x300

How to Save Energy in the Winter Months

Today marked the first legit snowfall at the Aeroseal headquarters in Dayton, OH. The ground and foliage was all white this morning. Winter is here (in the Midwest) and on the way for other parts of the country.
As the winter season is approaching your region, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment will probably be working harder. Many people might thing that means higher utility bills, but that’s not the case.
Recently, the City of Thomasville Utilities (Georgia) published […]


2 Hot Trends in the HVAC Industry

Just this month, ACHR News contributor Maria Taylor highlighted two hot trends in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC):

More Energy-Efficiency HVAC Equipment for Residential and Commercial Systems
Healthier Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Homes and Buildings

Read about the full story here.
Improve Energy Efficiency and IAQ with Duct Sealing.
Too many people overlook the tremendous benefits of sealing ductwork. Duct leakage is significant challenge for getting HVAC equipment to operate efficiently and maintain clean, healthy air in homes and buildings.
When air […]

Meet Allowable Duct Leakage Specifications with Aeroseal

IECC Code Adoption Increases, Year of the Duct Grows

With the 2018 release of the latest International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), building code adoption across the United States has been increasing at regional and local levels. Recently, Architect Magazine highlighted six cities increasing their code adoption:

Boise, Idaho
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
Columbia, Missouri
Tucson, Arizona
Minneapolis, Minnesota,
Orlando, Florida

Read the full article here.

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2018 Year of the Duct Looming Code Changes

Stricter Codes, Tighter Duct Leakage Specifications
A key aspect of stricter codes is the amount of duct leakage that is allowed in ductwork […]

Spread the word about the IAQ benefits of duct sealing

The Overlooked Culprit to Poor Indoor Air Quality

Recently, ACHR News contributor Maria Taylor published an article about seven ways heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors can ensure homeowners breathe easy. The story covered a lot of good points:

Check/change your air filter regularly
Talk to homeowners about indoor air quality (IAQ) products available
Consider zoning and mini-split systems
Sizing HVAC equipment appropriately
Fixing humidity issues
Running a fan
Air sealing unconditioned spaces

Read the full ACHR News story here.
Duct sealing needs to be added to the list of ways to improve air quality […]

Aeroseal Patented Technology

2 New Patents for HVAC Air Sealing Technology

Even though Aeroseal duct sealing technology was invented over 20 years ago, our research and development (R&D) department maintains a commitment to continuous innovation. Recently, we just added two additional patents for technology:

Methods for detection, marking and sealing leaks in pipes or ducts – View Patent Details
Methods for sealing, detection and marking leaks in structural enclosures – View Patent Details

20+ Years of Innovation
20 years ago in 1997, the Aeroseal technology was invented and HVAC contractors officially began using it […]

Commercial HVAC Equipment

10 Issues Why HVAC Equipment Does Not Perform as Advertised

Back in 2012, the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) published top ten reasons building HVAC systems do not perform as intended. Here’s a reprint of the ten issues according to NEBB:

Issue #1: Ductwork is not reinforced for the proper SMACNA pressure classifications.
Issue #2: Failure to adequately seal ducts.
Issue #3: Failure to understand the need to seal return and exhaust ducts.
Issue #4: Failure to adequately pressure test ductwork to prove that duct sealing is effective.
Issue #5: Failure to understand SMACNA […]