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The Future of Smart Homes & Buildings: Intelligent HVAC

Imagine a home or building that is always the perfect temperature for its tenants, properly ventilated to reduce dust and airborne allergens, and operating at its advertised energy efficiency rating. With the continuous innovation in technology, that scenario is becoming a reality. Check out a cool story about it by Fast Company.

What is Intelligent HVAC?

As the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry becomes more tech savvy, we’re going to hear more talk about topics like smart homes/buildings and intelligent HVAC. HVAC + Technology = Intelligent HVAC.

Intelligent HVAC
[Photo: Alea]. Source: Fast Company. "Forget smart ovens. Intelligent HVAC is the smart home’s future." 9/13/18.

One example is the development and growth of Aeroseal duct sealing. Prior to Aeroseal, sealing ductwork was only done by hand using either a paint brush and a bucket of mastic (white paint-like solution) or a roll of duct tape.

In 2017, Aeroseal celebrated it’s 20th anniversary of sealing ductwork in homes and buildings worldwide. Since 1997, Aeroseal has computerized the process of duct sealing to make it more efficient and effective for HVAC contractors to fix common issues in homes and buildings such as hot/cold spots, excessive dust and airborne allergens, and high utility bills by sealing duct leakage in residential and commercial ductwork.

Embrace the Future of HVAC

Today’s HVAC industry is constantly changing and innovating. Homeowners are more knowledgeable now than ever thanks to the power of the Internet. HVAC contractors have new tools to help customers. Plus, new construction codes are getting tighter.

The Global Aeroseal Network

Over 100,000 homes and buildings have been sealed with Aeroseal, and the results are outstanding. Homeowners feel more comfortable and have lower utility bills. Plus, their HVAC equipment operates better when the ductwork is properly sealed.

Aeroseal Dealer Network

For building owners and facility managers, Aeroseal can do wonders for commercial buildings, K-12 schools, universities, hospitals, and government buildings across the globe. Check out these cool projects:

Nemour's Children's Clinic uses Aeroseal to stop airborne infections.

Children’s Hospital Stops the Spread of Infections with Aeroseal

Aerosealing the entire children’s clinic took less than 30 days to complete. The difference it made to the efficiency of the exhaust system was immediate and obvious.

Most importantly, the air being exhausted is coming from the rooms and common areas that need it; contaminated air is being removed from the building. As an added bonus, the clinic is able to run its exhaust fan at a fraction of the power that was previously needed, saving the clinic substantially on its energy costs.

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Correctional facility project with Aeroseal
Correctional facilities (e.g. prisons) save energy using Aeroseal duct sealing.

Correctional Facility (Prison) Save $7,000/year with Aeroseal

An energy services company (ESCO) hired Aeroseal to seal the ductwork in a correctional facility (prison) to save energy used in operating the building.

The ESCO had used aeroseal in the past to seal the ductwork in hospitals, laboratories and other highly sensitive environments, so it knew the process itself was safe even for building occupants that can’t leave during the procedure.

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University of Miami (Florida) Uses Aeroseal
University of Miami (Florida) Laboratories use Aeroseal to get fum hoods up to safety code.

University of Miami (Floriday) Meets Safety Codes with Aeroseal

Schools and universities have specific requirements to ensure their facilities provide a safe, healthy environment for students, staff, and guests. Specifically, the ductwork and ventilation systems have to meet certain codes for ductwork airtightness.

Long story short, the University of Miami need help to meet safety codes for its ductwork and ventilation. It used Aeroseal to seal the ductwork in the Cox science building on the University of Miami, Coral Gables campus.

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Are you a homeowner? Make your home more comfortable and efficient by sealing your ductwork. Find an Aeroseal dealer near you to learn more how it works and get started.

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