Get The Most Out of Your Spring Tune-Up

Many homeowners do not think about their air conditioning until the summer temperatures heat up – but that is a mistake! The best time to schedule your spring tune-up is before the temperatures climb too high. There are many advantages to staying ahead of the curve including:
  • Scheduling Options: once summer is in full swing, many contractors are booked out and it can be very difficult to schedule with options – you may have to take the first available opening and it may be a whole week out!
  • Prevention: scheduling your a/c tune-up before it is working at full capacity is a smart way to prevent issues; your HVAC expert will carefully evaluate and diagnose any problems that could cause system breakdowns, they will clean coils and components that are vital to performance, they will replace air filters, check thermostat controls and wiring and ensure that fluids and pressure levels are adequate.
  • Efficiency Improvement: a dirty system or one that is operating without proper pressure and fluid will have to work harder and will not produce the desired results. If your air conditioning system is not performing properly, you might find that you are constantly adjusting your thermostat but you are not achieving the desired temperatures or humidity levels inside your home. A properly tuned system will operate more efficiently and produce desired results.
But these are the kinds of benefits homeowners have heard about and read online every season – there is another big opportunity that homeowners are missing with every tune-up! Take the time to find out what other services your dealer may offer. If you trust your dealer enough to have them in your home twice a year for regular maintenance for your heating and cooling, then it is safe to assume that you trust and appreciate their service. Wouldn’t it be nice if the same dealer could provide other solutions to make you more comfortable, improve your indoor air quality and help you save money? Many companies provide loyalty rewards just like gas stations and coffee shops – don’t be afraid to ask. There are also big benefits to having one expert for your home. Evaluating and making improvements with a whole-home approach rather than issue by issue will improve how your entire living space functions. Your home is like a body and all of the different systems and components work together to create an environment for your family. Don’t you want it to be as healthy and comfortable as it can be? So, next time we visit you for a tune-up, ask us about other services we can provide! You will be happy you asked!

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