mez joins tightvent

Aeroseal Distributor MEZ-TECHNIK Joins TightVent Europe

MEZ-TECHNIK, Aeroseal’s exclusive distribution partner in Europe recently announced that it has joined TightVent Europe as one of its diamond-level partner companies. About MEZ-TECHNIK MEZ-TECHNIK was founded in 1875 as a small handcraft workshop for sheet metal work and has grown to become a worldwide leader in providing innovative solutions and services for high-end commercial air duct systems. The company works with consultants, air duct manufacturers, installers, duct cleaners and energy efficiency companies by offering manufacturing and installation materials, chemical products, software solutions and air duct cleaning equipment. In 2015 MEZ joined forces with Aeroseal as its sole European distributor. Since that time it has added multiple Aeroseal service providers in more than a dozen European countries, including Germany, France, Ireland and Great Britain. About TightVent Europe TightVent Europe is a platform, formed in January 2011, with a focus on building and ductwork airtightness issues. Its goal is to share experience on practical issues such as specifications, design, execution and control that will help improve airtightness quality while keeping in mind the need for adequate ventilation. TightVent’s target audience ranges from the research community, designers, practitioners and supply industry to European, national and regional government policy makers. The platform’s main activities, among others, include the production and dissemination of policy-oriented publications, networking among other local or national air tightness associations, as well as the organization of various conferences, workshops and webinars. Its most recent webinar was titled “Ductwork airtightness: Standardization, on-going work and an overview of status and trends in Sweden, Japan, Spain and Portugal.” During the webinar panelists discussed a variety of topics well-known to anyone familiar with Aeroseal duct sealing, including the impact of duct leakage in areas of energy use and indoor air quality. Click here to view the presentation. Congratulations to MEZ-TECHNIK on becoming the newest partner in TightVent Europe.

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