Commercial Building - Chicago - ADA

American Dental Association Improves Ventilation, Meets Code with Aeroseal

For the past decade, Mike Kosinski and his team of experts at CEPro Inc. have been taking great care of the historic ADA building on Chicago’s Near North Side. Built in 1965, the 23-story skyscraper has undergone numerous upgrades and renovations, but none as transformative as those being planned for the building’s 4th-floor medical laboratory. Unfortunately, leaks in risers that connect the labs fume hoods to two rooftop fans were making adequate ventilation impossible. Not able to meet stringent […]

Naval Base

Naval Base Kitsap Fixes Mold, IAQ Issues with Aeroseal Duct Sealing

During a major renovation project, NAVFAC Northwest was on a mission to solve a persistent mold and mildew problem plaguing its 4-story, 380+ room bachelors enlisted quarters at Naval Base Kitsap. Washington Patriot Construction wasn’t sure that poor ventilation was the cause, but pretesting showed that little if any of the exhaust ducts were pulling sufficient amounts of air out of the bathrooms and shower areas where the mold and mildew were most persistent.
Contractors noticed that much of the […]

Global Market Insights Report. Air Duct Market Growth 2017-2024.

New Global Market Insights Report Forecasts Air Duct Market Growth 2017-2024

Recently, the market research firm Global Market Insights published a new report that projects exciting growth for the air duct market 2017-2024.
The full report is available by purchase only, but the research abstract is interesting. It’s interesting the article noted “enhanced thermal barrier from outdoor ambience” and “effective indoor temperature control of the building” as key factors for the growth.
Another aspect to consider would be duct leakage. If the air ducts in a building are not sealed, then the […]

New Tax Code: Save on HVAC Equipment

Tax Code 101: Understanding New Tax Savings for Small Businesses on HVAC Equipment

Regardless of your political views, the new tax code Section 179 can save small businesses a lot of money on HVAC equipment. However, understanding the savings opportunity can be tricky.
Fortunately, there’s an entire government website dedicated to helping people understand how much they can save on HVAC equipment with the new tax code. In table illustration (table 1) from the website, it is estimated the equipment cost after tax could be up to 65% cheaper!
The government website explains, “Essentially, […]

IDEA 2018

2 Must-See Energy Workshops, 2018 International District Energy Association (IDEA) Conference

We are headed to Vancouver, Canada. Later this summer, we will be exhibiting the award-winning, game-changing Aeroseal duct sealing technology at IDEA 2018, the global conference for the International District Energy Association, June 11-14, 2018 at the Vancouver Convention Center in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
It’s going to be an exciting time where world-class experts and industry professionals will be gathering for insightful workshops, business networking, and more.
Looking at the session line up for IDEA 2018, here are two workshops that […]

Aeroseal in Residential New Construction

Duct Sealing Contributes to Energy Savings in Residential New Construction, DOE Reports

Recently, the DOE Building Technologies Office released its Evaluation of Building America and Selected Building Energy Codes Program Activities (prepared by IEc), and it revealed four energy-efficient building practices that have contributed to millions of dollars saved in the residential new construction market:

Duct Tightness
Envelope Insulation
Thermal Bridging

The following table from the report shows the energy savings in BTUs and the attribution to Building America. It’s exciting to see duct tightness in the ranks and at a time when building codes […]


Zero Energy Buildings Growing in United States, Canada

Wow, Business Facilities Magazine published some interesting data about Zero Energy (ZE) activity in the United States and Canada.
The article highlights, “Zero energy buildings transcend North American climates and borders with buildings in 44 U.S. states and four Canadian provinces.” It’s exciting to see this adoption of ZE building. Though early, it has the potential to make buildings healthier and more energy efficient.
At Aeroseal, we are particularly excited to see the growth in ZE building because duct sealing is […]

Embrace the Future with Aeroseal HomeSeal Connect

BuyMax, One Hour 2018, New Technology to Connect to the Future

It’s only March, but we are looking forward to the 2018 BuyMax National Convention in Orlando, FL next month, bringing together all of the One Hour, Benjamin Franklin, and Mister Sparky franchisees. Also, this year’s theme is very exciting: “Connect to the Future.” It’s very synergistic with the latest Aeroseal innovations.
Entering 2018, Aeroseal challenged the HVAC and performance contracting industries to embrace the future with the launch of the All-New HomeSeal Connect System, the most innovative duct sealing technology […]

Globalcon 2018 Aeroseal Booth # 821

3 Globalcon 2018 Sessions Every Energy Pro Needs to See

Each year, the best and brightest minds in energy, power, and facility management strategies and technologies come together for the annual Globalcon conference, and this year is now exception.
With the 2018 Globalcon conference headed to Boston, MA in a few weeks, we are extremely excited to exhibiting there. Be sure to see the latest Aeroseal technology at Globalcon booth #821. It’s digitalizing duct sealing, integrating Internet of Things (IOT), guaranteeing energy savings for commercial projects, and more.
But wait, there’s […]


ACHR News Recruiting Tips for HVAC Contractors in Labor Shortage

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Today’s ACHR News cover story topic is extremely relevant in today’s HVAC and performance contracting industries: recruiting new employees. The original article is for ACHR News subscribers only but well worth the read.
In the article, ACHR News contributor Nicole Krawcke interviews various HVAC leaders nationwide about recruiting challenges and opportunities for their businesses. If you are an ACHR News subscriber, the article is very timely and relevant.
Going deeper into recruiting new employees, HVAC expert and […]