11 Things To Make Your Building More Energy Efficient This Winter

BRRRR…. Here in Ohio we are setting records right and left for cold temperatures and numbers of days below zero. It’s true… a recent article in Proud Green Building confirmed that based on the most recent forecast of heating degree-days from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), temperatures this winter are expected to be colder than last winter across the country.
U.S. Energy Information Administration also forecasts that average expenditures for all major heating fuels will rise this winter […]

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Code Changes for Duct System Standards You Should Know

As we head into a new year, the future of government regulations affecting environmentally friendly building practices is up for grabs. For green building proponents, however, the White House is not the be-all, end-all when it comes to industry practice. In fact, states like California, Illinois and Washington, as well as industry organizations such as ASHRAE and the International Code Council (ICC) continue to push for building standards that prioritize energy efficiency.
Nowhere is this more apparent than in some […]

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Data Needed for LBNL Commissioning Study Update – Can You Help?

Lawrence Berkley National Labs (LBNL) and the Building Commissioning Association (BCxA) are collaborating to produce a long-awaited update to “Building Commissioning: A Golden Opportunity for Reducing Energy Costs and Greenhouse-Gas Emissions,” last revised by Evan Mills in 2009. The purpose of the study is to update the metrics that establish the value of the building commissioning (Cx) industry. This three-part study will include:

Market Survey. Provides general feedback on market influences, drivers for procuring commissioning services, incorporation of established Cx […]

Commercial IAQ

IAQ Market Set to Explode. How Ready Are You?

Recently, ACHR News projected tremendous growth in the commercial indoor air quality (IAQ) market. ACHR contributor Nicole Krawcke shared compelling stats from a recent BCC Research report, “the U.S. IAQ market is forecast to grow to $10.8 billion by 2021, increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.3 percent from 2016 to 2021.”
Krawcke also pointed out that IAQ is no longer lagging behind energy efficiency. Historically, energy efficiency has been the major driver in commercial projects. However, […]

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Making the Case for Energy Efficiency Projects

Might sound crazy in this day and age, but according to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) less than one-fourth of commercial buildings adopt energy efficiency measures. Really? LED light bulbs are everywhere, and GREEN is no longer just a color in the crayon box. So how can it be that more than 75% of the buildings in the U.S. are NOT taking steps toward energy efficiency? Commercial buildings account for 19% of the energy consumed in […]


Passive House (De)Constructed Event in NYC

Steven Winters Associates, Inc. (SWA) has put together a panel of experts, including AeroBarrier’s Neal Walsh, for a Passive House workshop on Wednesday evening, November 28th in New York City. The Passive House Standard is known for its stringent requirements, and meeting them can be daunting for even the most experienced architects and developers. However, new technologies and construction systems coupled with tried and true best practices, make building to the Passive House standard well within reach. This workshop will […]

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Planning for 2018? Focus on Where HVAC is Going Not Where It is Now

In a recent ACHR News article, editor in chief Kyle Gargaro examined the future of HVAC using an analogy from hockey Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky, “skate to where the puck is ‘going’ to be rather than where the puck is at the time. You can read the original article here.
Where Do You Think the HVAC Puck Will Be?
That’s a question we’ve been asking a lot here at Aeroseal, and 2018 will be an exciting year! We have multiple […]

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Think Outside the (Seasonal HVAC) Box

In HVAC, it’s easy live or die by the weather forecast. However, today’s HVAC is not what it used to be. It is more than just seasonal equipment maintenance/installations. According to many building science and performance contracting experts, it’s like a three-legged stool, and equipment is only one of the legs.

Leg 1: HVAC Equipment
Leg 2: Ductwork
Leg 3: Building Envelope

Historically, the HVAC equipment has gotten most of the attention. However, within the last 5-10 years, many contractors and homeowners have […]

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How to Keep Energy Costs Low as Cold Weather Approaches

As we “fell back” this past weekend, you realize how quickly cold weather is approaching. In preparation for winter, the Latin Times published an interesting article about keeping energy costs low in cold weather. It shared five helpful tips for prepping a home:

Replace the Air Filter on Your HVAC System
Seal the Foundation Vents on Your Crawl Space
Close Your Fireplace Damper
Install Insulation Over Your Hot Water Pipes
Reverse Your Ceiling Fan Direction

All of these tips are great, but they still don’t […]