Marriot Atlanta project uses Aeroseal

Atlanta Luxury Hotel Gives Foul Odors The Shaft

This story was published in HPAC Engineering in December 2016.
Until recently, fixing leaky ventilation shafts has been a non-starter for most commercial buildings across the country. The expense and disruptive demolition typically involved in finding, accessing and sealing those leaks made remediation measures impractical at best. As a result, most buildings in the U.S. today are plagued by the poor indoor air quality and high-energy usage issues that comes from improper ventilation. But now that a simple, non-intrusive solution, […]


The HOLE TRUTH About U.S. Buildings

It’s time to tell others that secret that industry professionals have been keeping for so long.
If you are a building engineer or facility manager or commissioning agent – or any other professional involved in commercial properties, chances are pretty good that you already know what a recent survey of building professionals uncovered. The majority of U.S. buildings today are broken. Their HVAC and ventilation systems stink – both literally and figuratively.
In a recent survey conducted by the Building Commissioning […]

Canada - MuseumHouse Aeroseal Project

Canadian MuseumHouse Ultra-Luxury Condos Meet Codes with Duct Sealing

The MuseumHouse is a centerpiece of luxury living located on Toronto’s prestigious Bloor Street West. At $2 million to $12 million apiece, each condo apartment offers residents a stunning panoramic view of the city, a private elevator, a grand terrace, and sparkling glass walls. Until recently, it also came with excessively leaky ductwork. In order to pass its performance audit and meet air handling specifications, owners of this newly constructed high rise had a choice: either tear down the […]

Miami Valley South Hospital Aeroseal Project

Hospital Improves Ventilation, Reduces Energy Costs with Aeroseal

Sealing ducts with Aeroseal allowed administrators to reduce exhaust fan speed while increasing air exchange rate – savings resulted in 3-year payback.
Among its buildings, Miami Valley Hospital South in Centerville, Ohio includes a 60,000 sq ft
medical office building, a state-of-the-art cancer center and a main hospital unit. During routine
HVAC maintenance, the facility’s test and balancing experts found that leaks, common throughout
many of the duct systems employed on campus, were leading to significant HVAC performance
inefficiencies. With an ongoing mandate to […]

UCSF Hospital - California

California Engineers Reduce Callbacks in Hospital Project Thanks to Aeroseal

The Mt. Zion Hospital Pharmacy’s two new ventilating hoods require sufficient exhaust or else a fail-safe system will register a malfunction and equipment will automatically shut off. This is where chemo chemicals are prepared so it is critical that all air borne particles be exhausted from inside the hoods via connecting ductwork that leads outside the building. Even after meticulous construction that included manual sealing of all 300 feet of twisting ductwork, the exhaust system was simply not providing […]

Ohio’s Licking Heights school district

Ohio Licking Heights District Saves $45,000 Annually Thanks to Aeroseal

The new superintendent at Ohio’s Licking Heights school district thought the cost for heating and cooling all 5 of its school buildings was high, but one 7-year-old elementary school in particular stood out. Its energy bills were double that of a similar school just down the road. It was also plagued by uneven heating. To keep warm, students and teachers in the far wing of the building often wore hats and coats during class.

In Brief

Building: West Elementary School (K-2)
Location: […]

John Muir Medical Center

John Muir Medical Center Meets Mechanical Specs Thanks to Aeroseal

Ranked as one of the top hospitals in the country, John Muir Medical Center is a showcase for excellence in everything they do – from medical care to building design and construction best practices. When they decided to turn existing space of the building’s 2nd floor into a new endoscopy surgery unit they decided to repurpose the existing mechanical system serving the space. Pretesting, however, indicated inadequate airflow, resulting in unacceptably low levels of exhaust throughout the unit.

In Brief

Building: […]

Ohio Miami Valley Coroner's Office

CSI-Style Crime Lab “Aeroseals” Ducts, Eliminates Dead Body Odor

When decomposed bodies are found in Ohio’s Montgomery County, they wind up at the Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab for autopsy. And for years, occupants of the three-story facility knew whenever a new body arrived because the strong smell of the rotting corpses would permeate the building. Despite spending hundreds of thousands of dollars over a period of years trying to solve the problem, nothing seemed to work. Replacing the HVAC system didn’t work. Nor did installing high-efficiency fans, […]

Hyundai US Headquarters

Hyundai New Corporate HQ Opens on Schedule, Thanks to Aeroseal

Hyundai’s new U.S. corporate headquarters was scheduled to open for business in just a few weeks. Furniture was arriving and the finishing touches were being made to the interior of the 6-story 500,000 sq. ft. building in Fountain Valley, California. So no one was happy to learn that building engineers could not get official sign off for the project because of excessive leaks in the structure’s four smoke evacuation shafts and the outside air shaft.

In Brief:

Building: Hyundai US. Headquarters
Location: […]

Gallego Middle School, Sunnyside School District, Tucson, AZ

Cost Comparison: Ductwork Replacement vs Aeroseal

During the floor-to-ceiling renovation of the Gallego Intermediate School, contractors removed the existing ceiling tiles to find ductwork that was in such bad shape, replacing the entire duct system seemed to be the only option. The building’s HVAC included 34 individual units, each with its own supply and return ducts, all made of duct board that was literally falling apart at the seams. Some of the ducts were in such disrepair that they made leakage testing impossible.
Unfortunately, the Tucson, […]