Meet Code Every Time. Guaranteed.

With building and energy codes, ASHRAE guidelines, and LEED certifications changing frequently, KNOW that you are going to hit spec every time.

Meet Code. Every Time. Guaranteed.

An unsealed air return system can make for a dusty home!

Meeting Duct Leakage Building Specifications

With today’s growing concerns over energy savings and proper indoor air quality, your building’s HVAC system is expected to meet a high level of performance. And duct leakage specifications are getting tighter and tighter.

More and more bulding engineers specify Aeroseal duct sealing as a routine component of all new construction projects. Aeroseal’s consistent results ensure your building will meet code requirements the first time.

Aeroseal Results

Now that Aeroseal’s technology has made duct sealing so cost effective and simple to accomplish, duct sealing is quickly rising to the top of the list of strategies for building owners and facility managers looking to reduce energy costs. Aeroseal helps buildings of all kinds fix energy consumption problems.

Below are just a few examples of Aeroseal’s effectiveness.  You can view more case studies here.

Florida State Capitol


Arzanah Medical Center

The Ohio State University William Hall Complex gets improved with Aeroseal.

THE Ohio State University