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Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 12.22.38 PMWinning one of the industry’s top honors – now THAT’S how we like to begin the new year! This January 25th – 27th, thousands of HVAC industry experts will be converging on the Orange Country Convention Center in Orlando, FL for the 2016 AHR EXPO – the industry’s biggest gathering and a showcase of the latest and greatest innovations the industry has to offer. As part of this annual event, organizers review the latest products and technologies in ten different categories and award the very best its Innovation Award. This year, Aeroseal technology was selected as the Innovation Award winner in the competition’s ventilation category. This is a huge honor for a number of reasons – most notably because of the category for which aeroseal technology is being recognized this time around. For the last several years, residential HVAC businesses have found aeroseal duct sealing to be a game-changer for home performance enhancement projects. Sealing residential ductwork with aeroseal is proving to be the single most effective thing homeowners can do to reduce energy waste and improve indoor comfort. As it turns out, however, that is just one of the technology’s ground breaking uses. On the commercial side of the industry, HVAC professionals are finding aeroseal technology to be the solution to a previously unsolvable problem – poor ventilation. Most everyone in the industry agrees, poor ventilation plagues the majority of buildings in the U.S. today – and leaky ventilation shafts are usually at the core of the problem. Until recently, however, getting to those leaks typically required major demolition and rebuilding – a process that is usually so disruptive and so expensive that it makes repair an unviable option. Aeroseal’s unique “inside out” approach to sealing is changing all that. Now entire ventilation shafts can be easily and quickly accessed. Sealing is done without demolition and for a fraction of previous costs. As a result, hundreds of buildings across the country are now undergoing ventilation repair and hundreds of thousands of tenants are enjoying the benefits that proper ventilation affords. And that’s why a panel of ASHRAE members judged aeroseal technology the 2016 AHR EXPO Innovation Award winners. And that’s why we’re so proud of this honor. If you are planning to be at this year’s AHR EXPO please join us as we accept the award at a special ceremony being held on Tuesday the 25th. If you can’t make the actual ceremony, we’d love to have you stop by our booth (#5859) and say hi. You can also read more about the AHR EXPO innovation awards and all of this year’s winners at http://www.ahrexpo.com/forvisitors/innovation_winners.php    

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