In The News: Duct Leaks vs Indoor Air Quality

Healthy Indoor Magazine just posted a feature article that highlights the direct connection between duct leakage and indoor air quality (IAQ). As noted in the piece, this connection may have been understood by scientists and engineers for quite some time, but it was rarely discussed. That’s because there wasn’t much that could be done about it. What building owner is going to tear down walls to get to the ductwork, in order to seal the leaks? But now that there is a non-destructive, cost-effective way to quickly seal entire duct systems, the industry is taking a closer look at the whole leakage/IAQ relationship…and doing something about it. The list of success stories continues to grow – from hospitals and medical facilities like the Mayo Clinic and Nemours Childrens Hospital, to education facilities such as Harvard University, Princeton and the LA School District, to office buildings, apartment buildings and most every other type of structure in between. It’s time to spread the word…and spread the health. Check out the entire article now posted on Healthy Indoor magazine’s website:

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