Aeroseal in Residential New Construction

A Proven Choice for Residential New Construction

Are you a looking to build (or currently building) a new home? Have you thought about sealing the duct work system yet?

WRAL News published a story that covered what’s hot in new homes for 2017. Sealing ducts made the list.

WRAL contributor Kelly McCall writes, “From wrapping the building envelope to sealing ducts to radiant barrier roof sheathing, area builders are incorporating high-tech solutions starting with the very bones of the house.” More specifically, Aeroseal duct sealing is one of those “high-tech solutions” that is quickly becoming a proven choice for sealing ducts in residential new construction.

In fact, one of our dealers recently sealed two new construction homes to compare manual sealing vs Aeroseal. One home was sealed using mastic/tape. The other home was sealed using Aeroseal.

The two homes had identical specs: 2-story, 2850 sq. ft., 17 supply registers, 10 return, metal duct work, 100,000 BTU gas furnace system (90%), 4-ton AC system. Furthermore, the homes’ code requirements for duct tightness were the same too: 2012 IECC-4 cfm/100 sq. (114 CFM).

Long story short, Aeroseal won hands-down! The results of the new construction sealing for each home are shown below:

Metrics Home #1 (Mastic/Tape) Home #2 (Aeroseal)
Man-Hours 45 (3 people, 1.5 days) 8 (2 people, 0.5 day)
Results 124 CFM 21 CFM
Pass Test / Meet Target NO YES
Guarantee NO 10 Years

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