ACHR News HVACR Trends. Chilled Beams.

ACHR HVACR Trends, Chilled Beams Potential Stifled

HOT OFF THE PRESS! ACHR News publishes an astounding HVACR trend regarding chilled beams systems.

Chilled beam technology has been a hot topic in the HVAC industry. However, ACHR News reveals a significant challenge for the growth of the chilled beam trend (but there’s hope…keep reading).

ACHR News contributor John Dixon highlights the growth in chilled beam usage, “Chilled beam systems have been successfully used for decades throughout Australia and central Europe…Here in the U.S., chilled beam technology is less prominent but  is growing in popularity.” Unfortunately, the story takes a turn. Dixon adds, “…chilled beam systems have their drawbacks.” Dixon goes into the drawbacks but also addresses how they can be solved for continued growth of the chilled beams systems.

But wait! There’s more! HPAC Engineering also published some interest information on the chilled beam phenomenon in its February 2018 issue. You can download the chilled beam excerpt from the issue here.

The HPAC Engineering article highlights, “If designed and constructed properly, chilled beams can offer several advantages over traditional VAV systems, the primary one being energy efficiency.” A key component to proper design and construction is fixing any duct leakage.

If duct leakage is present in a building’s ductwork, then a chilled beam system will get thrown out of balance. SEED Engineering Managing Director Rob Lord explained, “The temperature of the space, the number of occupants, air humidity and the amount of outside air being delivered to the system, all play a role in the proper functioning of a chilled beam system.” Considering what we know about commercial duct leakage in general, all of the above components are negatively affected when duct leakage is present.

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