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2018 DOE Energy Exchange Highlights, Better Buildings Financing Navigator 2.0, Beyond Obvious

After exhibiting at the 2018 DOE Energy Exchange conference in Cleveland, OH last week, we noticed some pretty cool news headlines regarding event highlights and the future of energy efficiency.

Better Buildings Financing Navigator 2.0

One of the highlights was a web demo of the Better Buildings Financing Navigator 2.0 by Anmol Vanamali, Financing Strategies Director at Vermont Energy Investment Corporation. The tool was created to help companies with investing in energy efficiency, and it’s divided into different categories (e.g. HVAC, lighting, building envelope) with each category including different solutions.

It was exciting to see that one of the categories in the tool is HVAC, and one of solutions under the HVAC category is duct sealing! Digging deeper, there’s an interesting case study highlighting how the national retail chain Family Dollar increased energy savings by sealing the ductwork at nearly 150 store locations. Continue reading about the case here.

Beyond the Obvious for Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)

Another highlight was the general notion of people looking for energy conservation measures beyond the obvious. For example, they’ve done lighting upgrades, HVAC heat pump replacements, and insulation, and they are wondering what’s next? That’s where energy conservation measures like Aeroseal duct sealing enter the picture.

People often don’t pay enough attention to the ductwork of a building. Even when they are concerned with ventilation, IAQ or fan products may take precedence over ductwork maintenance.

Proper ductwork performance is absolutely critical to maximizing energy efficiency in buildings. Specifically, sealing ductwork with Aeroseal technology has proven to be a very simple, cost-effective way to ensure proper ductwork performance and increase energy savings.

Plus, Aeroseal duct sealing offers better energy-saving opportunities than hand sealing (e.g. mastic, tape) to business owners through our unique duct sealing process:

  • Turnkey solution
  • Safe
  • Measureable
  • Verifiable
  • Computer-controlled
  • Proprietary energy modeling

Licensed Aeroseal contractors are trained in in the whole process from initial ductwork assessment to energy modeling for estimated savings and turnkey project management and execution to help you achieve your energy-saving goals for your projects.

Save Energy (and Money) Beyond the Obvious

Here’s a brief video overview of how Aeroseal can help you save energy and money.

Are you a building owner or facility manager/engineer? We’d love to chat with you about how Aeroseal can increase energy savings for building. Call us, email us, or leave a comment below.

Just browsing? Visit our energy page to learn more about saving energy with duct sealing.

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