Ducts Gone Bad

Like driving by a traffic accident – it’s hard to look away. Just for the fun of it, here are several photos from my collection I call Ducts Gone Bad.   Have others you’d like to share? Then please send them along.   I CAN FIX THAT 1 aeroseal duct sealing               FINISHED IN RECORD TIME! duct sealing mistakes               OUR HVAC GUY USED TO WORK FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION 2 aeroseal duct sealing               SHE WENT DOWN TO DO LAUNDRY A WEEK AGO AND WE HAVEN’T SEEN HER SINCE. 4 aeroseal duct sealing                 DADDY – THERE’S A MONSTER IN THE BASEMENT! 7 aeroseal duct sealing               NOW WHEN I TURN ON THE HEAT I GET MUZAC               MAYBE WE NEED A BIGGER FURNACE. 5 aeroseal duct sealing            

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