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Duct Sealing -Next Generation

Remember when they brought back Star Trek after years of original series reruns? They called it “The Next Generation” and they replaced our beloved and virile Captain Kirk with this balding French guy called Picard. He looked different, acted different and…we just weren’t sure. But it didn’t take long before we understood the difference. The “next generation” captain was bigger and badder than ever, and now, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Well, the new Mobile PRO duct sealing system from Aeroseal sure looks and acts different than anything before. And whether you’re a homeowner or an Aeroseal dealer, the difference translates into great news. MOBILE PRO For homeowners, this “ready-to-roll” system means we are in and out of your home faster than ever. All the big equipment remains outside in the truck so less back-and-forth during the sealing procedure – and now, the entire process can be monitored and run via a wireless tablet so, if you want, you and your technician can watch the aeroseal technology do its magic from your living room or the kitchen table. For Aeroseal professionals, the new Mobile PRO makes each job faster and easier to complete than ever before. You arrive at the home in a fully functional trailer that includes all the sealing equipment assembled and ready to go. Worried about a power source? Don’t be. The trailer comes with a powerful solar-powered generator that will give you all the juice you need. The wireless system makes it possible to quickly seal an entire home with a team of one. Less manpower. Faster project completion. Now, go ahead and schedule multiple jobs in a single day. Ready. Set. Engage!

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