Oldest Church in Ottawa Canada Fixes HVAC Issues with Duct Sealing

“It took over a year to find the cause of our even heating problem – and less than a day to fix it!” That’s what Mary Martha Hails, the facility manager at St. Albans Church told me when I asked her about the Aeroseal duct sealing work that was just completed.“We were all highly skeptical that duct leaks could be responsible for the issues we were having with the (new HVAC) system and that this new duct sealing technology […]

Another Award Goes To HomeSeal

Sorry, but we just have to boast…again. Since the launch of HomeSeal this past September, the buzz surrounding this next generation duct sealing system has been phenomenal – especially with the industry press. From The NEWS to DuctTales; ComforTech Expo to SNIPS magazine, HomeSeal has been racking up awards and being held up as an ideal solution for contractors looking to get in on the industry-transforming home performance market. And now Contracting Business magazine weighs in as well, honoring HomeSeal with its […]

The 7 Biggest Mistakes That HVAC Contractors STILL Make

Someone recently forwarded me a blog post entitled “The 7 Biggest Mistakes That HVAC Contractors Make.” It was written by Allison Bailes, founder and owner of Energy Vanguard, a Decatur, GA-based company that trains HERS raters and designs high performance HVAC systems. While the entire article was good reading, I was particularly struck by the fact that the majority of mistakes highlighted by the author were clearly relevant to those that work on duct systems if not directly related […]

Capital Plaza Hotel, Convention Center, Kentucky Saves Thousands in Energy, Maintenance Costs

To say that the owners of the Capital Plaza Hotel in Kentucky were energy conservation skeptics would be an understatement. “If it worked, everyone would be doing it” was a familiar sentiment. Today, they are true believers. With the help of Aeroseal, the 10-story hotel and convention center, in the heart of the state’s capitol, has just become the first Energy Star certified hotel in the state. Owners estimate that duct sealing and other “low hanging” energy saving measures […]

New UL Category Just For Aerosol Duct Sealing

One giant leap forward – a new category has just been added to Underwriters Laboratory’s list of approved solutions for duct sealing. UL 1381 was just created specifically to cover aerosol duct sealing technology and provides contractors with a UL-certified alternative to older methods of sealing duct leaks – such as tape and mastic. When it comes to industry standards, the UL symbol is about as ubiquitous as it gets. For more than a century, the UL symbol (the trademark […]

A Great Explanation

There’s a reason why the crew of This Old House are considered tops in the home repair programming arena. They are not only experts at fixing houses, there is no team better at providing clear, concise explanations of what they are doing. If you missed the latest episode of Ask This Old House (season 12 episode 20) you really missed the best presentation I’ve seen about this game-changing technology. Since the job it does is more or less hidden from […]

Ask This Old House To Feature Duct Sealing Segment

It’s one thing to have an Aeroseal dealer tell a homeowner how wonderful aerosol duct sealing is for their house. It’s another thing entirely when a trusted and respected industry professional tells a homeowner it’s good stuff. And there are few home renovation experts better known or more trusted than Richard Trethewey the HVAC specialist on PBS’s long-standing home improvement and remodeling program This Old House. So, as you can imagine, we’ve reserved the Lazy Boy recliner in front of […]

Aerosol Duct Sealing Ranks Top On Feds Energy-Savings List

Whether you’re a homeowner or the facility manager of a commercial complex, saving energy can mean huge financial savings. But once you’ve done the easy stuff like replacing light bulbs and lowering thermostats, finding the truly effective strategies for reducing energy usage can be more difficult. There is a growing number of energy-saving technologies entering the market and vying for our attention so cutting through the hype and identifying the most effective and cost effective choices requires a team […]

Energy Savings – The Rules Are A Changing

Duct sealing – by far the smartest energy saving solution around. Remember when we were all taught about the 4 basic food groups and how meat and milk were essential to our good health? The rules on that one have certainly changed. How about the rule that bigger is better? Tell that to cell phone manufacturers, car companies and laptop makers. The rules regarding saving energy are also changing. New technologies and shifting realities are showing us that what we once […]

Sealing The Deal With Mobile Homes

Duct Sealing Cuts Mobile Homeowner’s Energy Bills When I enter into conversations about home energy savings, I’ve got to admit, I’m almost always thinking about traditional stick-built houses. But lots of Americans live in mobile homes – nearly ten million to be exact. And, it turns out, they are as interested in energy savings and indoor comfort as those living in apartments, condos and more traditional immobile homes – maybe even more so. Who would have guessed? So it was with particular […]