Aeroseal Duct Sealing In Medical Facilities

Arzanah Medical Center – Duct Sealing In Abu Dhabi One of the most common questions asked about Aeroseal duct sealing, is “is it safe.” To answer that question, I can tell you about the non-toxic ingredients that make up the sealant (the same stuff you find in chewing gum and hair spray) or I can tell you about the extensive testing done on the product or about the government required MSDS (material safety data sheets) that find it safe for […]

End the Draft!

Milton family enjoys indoor comfort with Aeroseal When Lorraine and Roy learned they were going to have their first baby, they set out to find a new home that would accommodate their expanding family. They found that dream home in Milton, Ontario, a growing community just outside of Toronto. “I was 8 months pregnant when we bought the house, and that gave us some time to prepare for the new baby,” said Lorraine. “It was springtime and we were very excited […]

Thanks to you…the word is spreading

Duct sealing being filmed for upcoming episode of Ask This Old House There isn’t a single ad campaign ever created that has proven more effective at spreading the word about a good thing than good old fashioned word-of-mouth sharing between friends and family. So Aeroseal really owes a big thanks to the growing number of homeowners and property managers who have talked about Aeroseal with others. Thanks to the buzz that has been created by happy customers – those that have […]

Cardiovascular Hospital Uses Aeroseal To Solve A Mystery

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute turned to Aeroseal to solve one problem and wound up solving two. When a hospital monitor detected an isotope in part of the building away from where the chemical was produced and supposedly quarantined, administrators needed to figure out what was going on. Through the process of elimination, building engineers figured the isotope must be traveling from one part of the building to another through leaks in the facility’s various ventilation shafts. “To access the […]

A Solution To Poor Building Ventilation…Finally.

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the importance of duct sealing in regards to home energy savings. It’s no wonder, when you figure that heating and cooling costs represent the overwhelming majority of utility expenses for homeowners, and that an average of 30% of that cost is leaking out the ductwork instead of being delivered to the rooms that need it. Aeroseal is the first effective solution to sealing leaky air ducts located throughout the entire ductwork system. But […]

2012 – The Year Of The Duct

2012 is really shaping up to be the year of the duct – air duct that is. Starting on the very first day of 2012, the updated Energy Star 3.0 specifications for the home takes full effect and that means any builder looking to receive Energy Star certification for their constructions will have to meet the more stringent requirements. A big part of these requirements includes lower duct leakage rates. And that’s good news for anyone looking to save on […]

On A Mission

The patented Aeroseal sealing process is the most effective, affordable and viable method of sealing the central heating & cooling and ventilation ductwork in residential homes and commercial buildings. The Aeroseal duct sealing system effectively seals the leaky ductwork from the inside by using a UL tested and approved sealing material. It’s clean, safe, and guaranteed for 10 years in residential application. Sealing the air duct system in a residential home typically takes only 4-8 hours. You’ll immediately receive energy savings […]