Residential Case Studies

Duct Sealing Key to Optimal HVAC Efficiency

Homeowner Finds Duct Sealing The Key Ingredient In HVAC Upgrade View Case Study

Duct Sealing Leads To Improved Home Comfort & Health

Aeroseal Duct Sealing Leads To Home Comfort And A Surprising Cure For A Persistent Health Problem View Case Study

Eliminating Uneven Temperatures

Duct Sealing Eliminates Uneven Temperatures, Making Home Office Comfortable Year-Round View Case Study

Improved Comfort & Energy Savings

Pittsburgh Homeowner Turns To Duct Sealing Innovation For Comfort And Finds Energy Savings As A Bonus View Case Study

Meeting Code In A New Construction Home

New Home Builder Turns To Aeroseal To Pass Building Code And Finish The Job On Schedule View Case Study

Preventing Heat Pump Cold Blow & Discomfort

Duct Sealing Key To Preventing Cold Blow & Discomfort With Heat Pumps View Case Study

Providing Even Temperatures Throughout The House

Aeroseal Provides Dramatic Improvement In Indoor Comfort For Cincinnati-Area Homeowner View Case Study

Solving A Nagging Health Problem

Duct Sealing Helps Homeowner Solve Nagging Sinus Issue View Case Study

The Key to Real Energy Savings

Indiana Homeowner Finds Duct Sealing The Key To Real Energy Savings View Case Study