Aeroseal's Evolution: Pioneering Duct Sealing Technology

Aeroseal’s technology is rooted in rigorous science and brought to life by a purpose-driven entrepreneur to help the building industry combat climate change.

Creating a future where every building is sustainable, high-performing, and enhances occupant well-being, contributing to the fight against climate change

The Problem

The inception of Aeroseal traces back to a common yet overlooked problem in modern buildings: air leakage. Buildings account for approximately 40% of energy demand. This is due, largely to leaks in HVAC ductwork and the building envelopes, including the walls, windows, roof, and foundation, present even after traditional sealing methods have been applied.
It’s a big problem that contributes to high energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions that most people aren’t aware of. It is also a root cause of other issues that can cause discomfort and health problems for occupants such as uneven temperatures and poor indoor air quality.

The Innovation

In 1993, Dr. Mark Modera began research funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to find a new approach to this problem.
Through this work, he developed an aerosol-based technology that enabled air ducts to be sealed remotely from the inside. This method represented a significant departure from traditional, labor-intensive duct sealing methods that were often ineffective and impractical for existing buildings.
Recognized for its innovative approach and potential to significantly reduce energy waste, this technology received the "Energy 100" award from the U.S. Department of Energy.

The Mission

In 2010, Dr. Modera teamed up with Amit Gupta, a leader at a top HVAC manufacturer, to help the technology fully realize the possibilities it held for the building industry, energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and carbon emission reduction – and Aeroseal was born.
Their mission has remained the same since day one: to deliver comfort, healthy air, and substantial energy savings to building owners everywhere.

Aeroseal Today

With advances in the chemical makeup of the sealant, the addition of Aeroseal Envelope, and continuous innovations in their autonomous wireless technology, Aeroseal has sealed more than 260,000 buildings - from homes, hospitals, and schools to government facilities, hotels, and offices — worldwide, covering millions of square feet. This has resulted in billions of dollars in energy savings, the elimination of thousands of tons of CO2 emissions, and the improved comfort of millions of occupants.

Industry Accolades & Awards

Our technology and service has been recognized amongst home builders and industry experts.


Environmental Leader Magazine Product of the Year + Judges’ Choice Awards


AHR EXPO Innovation Awards Product of the Year


AHR EXPO Innovation Awards Gold Medal


Interclima+Elec Trade Fair Innovation Awards Gold Medal


Dayton Business Journal – Manufacturing Innovation Award


ACHR NewsDealer Design Silver Medal Award


Comfortech Expo Product Showcase Award – HVAC Tools


Green Building Council – EBie Award


This Old House Best New Product Award


Popular Science Magazine “Best of What’s New” Award

“Energy 100” Award – U.S. Department of Energy

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225 Byers Rd.
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