Is the sealant safe?
The sealant is non-toxic and has been safely used in hospitals, surgery centers, schools, and government facilities all over the world. Additionally, the sealant has been tested by an independent lab and found to have extremely low concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). The primary component has no OSHA maximum exposure limit.
Does the sealant emit any harmful fumes?
DuctSeal LT is a water based stable acrylic emulsion and is tested as “Ultra Low VOC.”


Aeroseal warrants a “seal’ in Residential duct systems for 10 years. As a dealer, you can decide how much of the warranty you want to pass along to the homeowner along with your services. FUN FACT: Our sealing product is so effective we’ve never had a warranty claim.


How much does this cost?
Costs vary depending on the size of the building. We recommend getting a quote from a local expert.
How much can I save on my utility bill?
Independent government-sponsored studies have shown that sealing ductwork can save to $850 per year! Energy savings can be difficult to predict. Many variables can contribute to energy savings, including the location and age of the home. An evaluation by an HVAC professional can better determine potential improvements.

Product Information

How big of a leak will be sealed?
Up to a 5/8” hole can be sealed efficiently. The technician might perform manual repairs to plug larger accessible leaks and hasten the overall sealing process.
Should I be in the house during sealing?
The technician will be moving throughout your house to prepare each room for the sealing process. We recommend that residents are not home during this time so the installers can seal the ducts quickly and efficiently

General HVAC Questions

Does the ductwork need to be cleaned first?
Technicians should evaluate the ductwork during the initial inspection and recommend a cleaning if needed.
If ducts are sealed, can they be cleaned in the future?
Yes. Ducts from all types of materials can be successfully cleaned after being sealed.

Finding a Local Expert

Will all the insides of my ductwork be coated with sealant?
The Aeroseal process doesn’t coat or line ducts. Sealant particles target leaks only.
What about the HVAC accessories?
Some items, such as humidifiers or UV lights, may be removed to prevent damage; others may be bagged or covered.

Becoming a Dealer

Can you recommend a local expert?
We’d be happy to recommend an expert in your area. [Click on the link] to get to the dealer locator page.
How do I become a Dealer?
Aeroseal welcomes dealers who are interested in our duct sealing technology. For more information, please contact [[who and how]].

225 Byers Rd.
Miamisburg, OH 45342

225 Byers Rd.
Miamisburg, OH 45342