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HomeSeal Connect 4.0

Equip your team with the Home Seal Connect 4.0 (HSC 4.0) from Aeroseal, the top choice for duct sealing. This piece of Aeroseal equipment is designed for ease of use and durability, handling the demands of your busiest season. It employs certified industry methods to eliminate duct leakage in any HVAC system, regardless of duct material. Our advanced technology measures pressure and airflow dynamically using a calibrated fan and intuitive software. The entire process is managed through the latest version of our air sealing software AeroSuite, providing real-time measurements and recordings of airflow and leakage​


Product Name Home Seal Connect 4.0
Application Residential, Light Commercial
Power Requirements 3 x 120V AC 15A
External Requirements Compressed Air (90 psi / 6 SCFM)
Weight 70lbs
External Dimensions 26” L x 21” W x 16”

Expand Your Offerings & Opportunities

Key Benefits to adding Aeroseal

New Revenue Stream

Duct sealing is a service that applies to all of your customers. It creates opportunities to reengage existing customers and to find new ones.

Stand Out from Competitors

Stand out from competitors with the Aeroseal equipment. Offer a unique service that complements your existing offering.

Optimize Existing Resources

Duct sealing is easy to add on to an existing offering and doesn’t require new skills. It’s a complementary service like duct cleaning and energy efficiency services. You can build on your existing skills and equipment.

No “Slow Sales” Seasons or Labor Issues

Stay busy year-round by offering complete home solutions and offering a new career path and growth opportunity for your team.

The Process Explained

Summarized in 3 Steps

STEP 1: Prep & Test

Prepare System / Blocking

Registers are temporarily blocked to force air to escape through any leaks. Then, the air conditioning coil, fan, and furnace are temporarily blocked to prevent sealant particles from entering any sensitive components of the HVAC system.

Connect System to Ductwork

A small, temporary access hole is cut into the duct work, and a temporary flange is attached. Once the system is prepared, the Aeroseal equipment is connected to the ductwork using lay flat tubing.

Pretest Ductwork

The HSC 4.0 runs a pretest that pressurizes the duct system and provides a leakage reading on the computer. This will detect the exact amount of leakage in the duct system (the typical duct leakage detected in a home is 20 - 30%% per the Department of Energy).

STEP 2: Seal & Measure

Leaks Are Found

The patented aerosol sealant is injected as a dry mist into the ductwork. Holes and cracks in the duct system are found by the pressurization.

Sealant Seals Ductwork

Sealant particles collect on the edges of holes and cracks in the ductwork to seal them from the inside.

Track & Record Progress

The software allows the technician to monitor progress in real-time and watch the minute-by-minute reduction in leakage.

STEP 3: Enjoy Comfort & Energy Savings

Verify Duct Sealing

Upon completion, the homeowner is presented with verifiable proof of the seal – a certificate generated by the Aeroseal equipment, with before and after results.

Results Customers Can See & Feel

In addition to a visual record of the work, customers feel the results almost immediately. Temperatures throughout the building even out, hot and cold spots are eliminated, and the HVAC system runs more efficiently. Homeowners will also notice improved indoor air quality and lower utility bills.

Show Customers The Results

Aeroseal's Certificate of Completion

Aeroseal’s software generates an analysis summarizing key points of the duct sealing process.

Before and after leakage test results

A graph showing progress during the process

Heating and cooling capacity improvement

This visual record for the customer verifies the duct sealing process was a success. And it ensures customers can see the difference immediately before feeling the improved indoor comfort and getting a lower utility bill.


Is the sealant safe?
The sealant is Non-Toxic and has been used in hospitals, schools, surgery centers, and government facilities all over the world. The sealant has been tested by an independent lab and found to have extremely low concentration of VOC’s, during sealing time only. The primary component has NO OSHA maximum exposure limit.
How long does it take to dry?
Drying time is less than 45 minutes. But the HVAC equipment can be restarted immediately after sealing.
What duct materials is Aeroseal compatible with?
Aeroseal can be used with ALL common duct construction materials such as Flex duct, duct board, and rigid sheet metal but also with panned in joists and wall cavities where lumber and drywall are present, all without the need to deconstruct anything.
What is Aeroseal’s warranty?
We warranty the seal for 10 years as the OEM, and it has been proven through 3rd party labs to last greater than 40 years with no signs of degradation.
How does the Aeroseal machine measure results?
The Aeroseal equipment comes standard with the same testing instruments used by code officials across the United States. Aeroseal integrates a manometer and our software intuitively tracks duct leakage in real time. Upon completion of the seal, a final duct efficiency test is conducted at 25 Pascals, as required by code, and a certified copy is made available for your records and to provide all necessary parties.
How big of a leak can Aeroseal seal?
Aeroseal effectively seals up to 5/8″ wide gaps, of any length
Does Aeroseal remove the need for hand sealing?
When the duct work material is hung to manufacturer specifications, Aeroseal is a direct replacement for any traditional duct sealing method and removes the need for hand sealing at all connection points throughout the duct system. This leaves only the cabinet to be hand sealed as needed.
How does this product effect static pressure in the duct?
The vast majority of the time, Aeroseal Duct does not measurably increase the static pressure. However, on an oversized system with very leaky ductwork, the static pressure will increase; in these limited cases the system or ductwork design should be addressed first.
How thick does it go on?
Sealant only builds up where there are leaks and stops accumulating when the leak is filled, generally the sealant will not add more thickness than the width of the gap it is sealing. For example, a 0.1" gap will end up with about a 0.1" thick sealant plug.
Does this product have a flame spread rating?
DuctSeal LT is UL classified under Caulking and Sealants 32HK with a flame and smoke spread of 0

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